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How a queen square reflex hammer with force detection was used to help patients experience healthcare beautifully

We aren't necessarily going to change the world with our unique spin on a traditional reflex hammer... but we can bring a smile to the face of a child during an assessment - and that is truly beautiful! 

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The origins of the deep tendon reflex exam

The history of the reflex exam is very long and has taken many twists and turns. Our team is definitely not as visionary as the founders who observed the important clinical signs that lead to this exam, but we hope to stand on the shoulders of these giants with RFX Hammer.

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The Inception of a New Reflex Hammer without Re-inventing the Wheel

RFX Corporation was founded in 2017 around an idea, and now 2 years later we are launching our website and have officially received our first pre-order for the RFX Hammer. It has been quite the journey.   Before RFX hammer, doctors have used the generic reflex hammer for hundreds of years. A simple rubber headed hammer has taken many shapes and form factors over the years, but essentially hasn’t changed in its ability. A clinician takes a swing and hits the patient. Hopefully in the right spot and without causing injury!   As a medical student I found the reflex exam comical. The science was interesting, but watching my fellow students awkwardly hold a hammer and hit patients with it...

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