RFX aims to empower clinicians and patients to experience health beautifully. We use modern design theory to improve tools currently used by clinicians. We hope to continue to push the boundaries of modern design within the medical field by following the core values of our founding members.
  • Create sophisticated yet simple clinical exam tools for interrogation of the human body.
  • Improve the clinician's confidence and trust in their clinical examination skills.
  • Increase accuracy, repeatability, and precision of clinical exam tools.
  • Become a respected name amongst medical experts, by way of innovation and service.
RFX operates with a lean mentality. We prototype quickly, test directly by collaborating with physicians using the device daily on consenting patients, then iterate quickly to meet their needs, and repeat. We have developed the RFX Hammer with various physician involvement throughout our home base in Vancouver, Canada. Our customers are more than users, they are medical experts working at the leading edge of their respective fields. We strive to create lasting relationships with these clinicians and their patients, in order to do more than simply sell products, but also earn respect and improve the clinician’s confidence in their examination of the patient.  
Our first tool is the novel deep tendon reflex hammer that can be used to examine superficial and deep tendon reflexes. Our goal has always been improving clinician confidence while providing the best patient outcomes. Using the RFX Hammer, physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, or any medical professional that utilizes the typical queen square hammer, can receive instantaneous bedside feedback related to the force of impact during the tendon reflex examination. It also is designed to be "interesting" to the patients being tested - engaged patients who take interest in their health can lead to better outcomes, so we provided a tool that opens the door to more communication with the patients and more engagement during the exam.