Clinical Training for Medical Students

Through early iterations of our product, we engaged various universities across Canada. Many of the professors in their respective programs had interest in using the RFX Hammer during their clinical training for medical students. During the deep tendon reflex examination, as students were analyzing the superficial and deep tendon reflexes, many students felt that the tool improved clinician confidence. Of course, these students had limited experience, however, this made it clear that the tool has definitive value for teaching medical students how to perform the assessment. 

RFX Hammer, currently built on a standard queen square reflex hammer, provides instantaneous clinical examination feedback at the bedside, during the assessment. It opened the door to increased communication and patient engagement, because patients looked at the lights and were curious about the exam process. 

We hope to continue to improve clinical assessment skills within the medical student population, as it will allow the students to have increased clinician confidence as they enter the profession as physicians. Ultimately, we hope to provide improved patient outcomes, and if that comes by means of improved clinical assessment skill, then our tool has done its job. 

We would love to hear more about your university and its clinical skills lab. If interested in trying our product, be sure to get in touch. We have special offers for universities looking to use our product. 


Bedside clinical examination feedback using a tool for clinical assessment training